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The Year of 2020 Vision

For 2020 the three words that came to mind was "Clarity", "Goals", and "Ambition".

I chose these words because for my vision for 2020 includes being clear in what I want, setting goals for myself, and the determination and hard work to acheive my goals.


Crafting Goals For 2020

Ironically with the year 2020 being the year of vision, I decided to make a vision board so that I can phyiscally see all of my goals for the upcoming year. When creating my board I wanted to come up with a clear picture of every ambition, goal, and achievment I will reach in 2020.

Get Inspired

To get inspired I wrote down my top goal and ambitions ranking from small achievments to dreams that I've had for years. Doing this really bought to life that no dream is too small or big to acheive all in the same year.

I encourage you all to create your own vision board and start 2020 off with a clear vision of year! Below I have attached a link to the site Canva where I have created some templates for you all to create your own vision boards.

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