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2020 Reflections

Funnily, this year has not been how alot of us expected it to be. For instance, I was not expecting that after my birthday in Janurary at the beginning of the year, I would have to endure, along with the rest of the world, an unexpected pandemic.

This pandemic changed alot for me academicly, family and personality wise. It taught me to be more grateful for the things that I have and to not take life for granted because it can be taken from you unexpectadly at any moment. Although this pandemic has been one for the history books for many in a handful of negative ways, there are additionally a handful of positive things to come from this pandemic. For example, I personally have gotten to spend alot of family time while being quarantined with my brother and my dogs, we have a new president and vice president elect, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and school has contined to be good to many including myself.

I find myself thanking this pandemic for the positive energy that it bought to me by forcing me to slow down and look at what the future has to bring. It continues to remind me that self love and care is IMPORTANT.

All in all, this is why as this long year comes to a close, I give thanks for what I have and give cheers to the next year to come. I have learned to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and go with the flow because not everything can be organized.


Even though I doubt many visitors come on my website to read my blog entires, I highly encourage anyone who has read this far to type below what they are grateful for from this crazy year of 2020. Sometimes, when things get hard it is a struggle to look at the positive instead of always dwelling on the negative, but with Thanksgiving coming up and this year coming to a speedy close, I would highly encourage anyone reading this to self reflect and while self reflecting to write it down.

Im aware there is probably so much more I could write about than to sit here at my kitcehn island and write about "thankfulness" and "the pandemic" but because I haven't written an entry since Janurary 10th, I decided why not now. Again, Im not really that big of a writer but with 2020 being about self reflection, improvement, and (as I wrote in my first blog) clarity, Ive decided to force myself to just type anything that comes to mind. So please don't mind bad spelling, or grammer, or puncuation. I promise that as a Junior in college I am way smarter than I sound. (LOL!)

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